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Hey everyone! I am so glad to be back in the blogosphere, but more importantly, I am SO excited to be coming at you today with an actionable post! So grab a pen, and some paper, or better yet – our FREE printable which you can access from our resources page, and let’s plan your next camping trip!

We are constantly asked about how we go on all of our weekend trips, whether it be hiking, car camping or mostly – backpacking. Most of the time we are asked how we plan so many trips! For starters, I want to say that more than 90% of the trips Tuananh and I go on are free campsites! And because we have all of our gear already, we maybe spend $15 on our camp food and that’s it! So that is how we go on so many because it really is the most affordable way for us to escape for the weekend and immerse ourselves in Nature! Before we dive in, I will let you in on a little secret: it is SUPER easy to plan a camping trip! As long as you have the right tools, and ask yourself a few basic questions it’s easy!

As I walk you through the process that we take when planning a trip, I will be using our free worksheet! While you can just follow along with the steps and write it down on your phone or sheet of paper, I recommend the sheet because everything is already there for you, fill in the blank style. And it can be used over and over again for all your camping needs! To download it, head to our resources page, under the “to Get You Outside” section.

Step 1: Plan

Obviously, this is what we are doing right now! It is in this stage that you have to answer the basic questions such as “where are you going? What type of camping are you doing ect.”?

When it comes to picking our trails, I always use our favorite FREE tool – The Atlanta Trails website! This site is great whether you know where you are going or not. But rather than just tell you about it, I am going to show you exactly how to use this tool (and a comparable one if you do not live in the ATL area, so don’t worry! So let’s dive in!

To start, if you do not know where you want to go for your camping trip, head to one of our favorite resources Atlanta Trails to find the perfect camping spot for you! Use the “GA trail finder” tab, scroll to “trails by feature” and then click on the “Backpacking Trails” button to find trails that offer great views and come with super nice camping sites! (to get a step-by-step tutorial on this – watch our video on IGTV!)

Let’s take a look at the worksheet now! The top half of the sheet is what coincides with step 1! It is here you are prompted with the basic questions such a length of your trip and distance of the hike.

Step 2: Prepare

The next step is to prepare! During this step, you will answer questions like “what do we need to bring with us?”, “what do we still need to buy?”, and “what are we going to eat”?

This is where you want to look at the bottom of the sheet! Here, you are prompted to complete your gear checklist and decide on your camping menu!

Step 3: Proceed

Your trip is planned! Now it’s time to get out there, explore and most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Don’t forget to take lost of pictures, but otherwise, we recommend you unplug from technology throughout the duration of your trip. I promise that taking a camping trip can be so relaxing and rejuvenating, but first, you need to let go of your stresses and force yourself to not think about them on your trip!

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So that’s it! I promised it would be easy, didn’t I? And I swear that planning a camping trip can be this easy. If you ask Tuan Anh, it can be much easier than this actually, because if it were up to him, we would just go for it and not have a plan. But if you’d like to see how well that worked out for us the first time, check out our video about the Lessons We Learned From Spontaneity. (hint: it did not go well, so just have a plan!)

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