Right before we went on trail, Spruce and I posted videos of our gear list for the AT.

I recently re-watched the video and noticed how many things we ended up throwing out, exchanging or completely upgrading along the way. 

I thought it was high time we post our updated gear lists! These items are things that we carried for over 1,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail. They are tried and true pieces of gear that made camp comfortable, and our hike enjoyable!

1. Gossamer Gear Mariposa 65 L pack. This was Spruce’s pack until he upgraded to an SWD pack at Trail Days, so I took his hand me down!

2. Pack Cover. I used this one the entire time on trial, but Osprey makes a great one too!

3. BV500 Bear Vault. I carried this baby all the way to the White Mountains in New Hampshire! Here we switched to a simple food bag to save weight. We saw lots of hikers using the Ursack Bear Bag instead of the Bear Vault on trail.

4. Rain Poncho. Our rain poncho was our secret weapon on trail! We chose one that goes over the pack as well, like this one! Especially when it was hot out, the poncho was much more breathable than a raincoat.

5. Cook Pot. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, although I recommend a titanium pot like this one as they are significantly lighter!

6. Titanium Spoon. Specifically one with the long handle will be best for hiking. Most of the time we cook into ziploc bags, so the long handle makes it possible to dig out the food without getting it all over our hands!

7. Toiletries. I carried a small toiletry bag with me that contained: wipes, toothbrush + toothpaste, Dr. Bronner’s soap, hand sanitizer, menstrual cup, travel hair brush, body glide, petroleum jelly & tiger balm.

8. Toilet Paper bag. I kept another little ditty bag for our toilet paper. It had the TP (which I would rip the cardboard out of the middle) and the snow stake we used at a trowel.

9. Klymit Inflatable Sleepmat. This is the same one that Spruce started with. My REI air mat popped in Maine, so I also use the Klymit now (plus it’s waaay cheaper).

10. Inflatable Pillow. I used a simple, cheap pillow I found on Amazon. While it did pop in Vermont, I only spent $10 on it so it was easy to replace! 

11. Quilt. I upgraded from my marmot sleeping bag to the UGQ Outdoor Quilt at Trail Days. I LOVE my quilt because its light and comfortable! Here is a comparable one by Thermarest, or you can order from the UGQ website!

12. Electronics. I had a small little ditty bag I used for my electronics. I had a small protable battery like the Anker PowerCore, plus a charging chord and a small cube.

12. Med Kit. The one we carried just had bandaids, bugspray, sunscreen and a tick wrangler. A MUST CARRY is the hydroseal blister bandaids! I found these around Hot Springs and it changed my feet for the better!

13. Camp shoes. I picked up a pair of water shoes in Pearisburg VA and loved them! Now I have these I found on amazon that are super cute and printed!

14. Town Dress. Something I would recommend anyone to carry is a town dress! 

15. Other Clothes: for the cold months, I wore my baselayer top and leggings at camp. Plus a down jacket, beanie and wool socks. Once it got hotter, I switched to a pair of shorts and one of our Cauble Life Tshirts! I also carried an extra sports bra + underwear and pair of hiking injinji socks.

What I wore:

  • North Face Shorts
  • Active Tank Top (from walmart)
  • Injinji liner socks + Darntough socks
  • Trail Runners (I started in Altra’s and ended in New Balance)

I also carried trekking poles and a fanny pack for snacks, hand sanitizer, my kula cloth and headlamp. 

If you have any questions about the gear I used, or any particular item you are looking for, drop them in the comments below!


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